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Emergency Tree Service in Marietta, GA

Prevent a dangerous tree from falling on your house with emergency tree service in Marietta, GA. Turn to the certified arborist at Top Tier Trees for an assessment of the health and hazard of a tree on your property. Our arborist offers complimentary consultations. Licensed and insured, our tree company is ready to help you avoid a disaster or clean up in the aftermath of a storm. We have the equipment and expertise to safeguard your property and restore order. Our capable crew is available for emergency tree services seven days a week.

Emergency Tree Service in Marietta, GA

Emergency Tree Services Prevent Damage to Your Property

You may have one or several trees in your yard that worry you. Perhaps they are old, dying, or already dead. They may be infested with pests or disease. If you have any trees like these on your property, they are a liability for your property and should be removed. Call on us for emergency tree removal service right away.

We begin with an assessment of the tree itself—its age, health, and location in regard to buildings or power lines. It is possible that we can save the tree by cutting off branches or using cables to keep it in place. However, it may be necessary to cut down the tree so it does not crash down on your house during a storm.

Emergency Tree Removal to Restore Order after Damage

A wind storm has sent a tree crashing onto the roof of your house, and you need it removed quickly. Call on our emergency tree service company for help. Our arborist and co-owner has more than 14 years of experience and will know exactly what steps to take to remove the tree.

We work with your insurance company to restore order to your property. Rest assured that our experienced and trained crew will have the tree removed from your property as quickly as possible, so you can figure out what needs to be done to repair your home.

Emergency Tree Service Company Offers Care, Trimming & Removal

It is important for us to take care of the trees on our property. This will not only keep your trees beautiful and healthy, but it will also prevent property damage from occurring. It is not unheard of for a diseased or otherwise damaged tree to fall and crush a car, crash into a house or garage, or bring down power lines. Anytime you have a tree emergency, count on our technicians for the help you need.

Contact us today to seek emergency tree services to prevent damage or restore order after a tree has fallen. We serve customers in Marietta, Roswell, Kennesaw, Sandy Springs, and Buckhead, Georgia.