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Tree Inspections in Marietta, GA

Put safety first by asking for tree inspections in Marietta, GA, before any work is done. At Top Tier Trees, we send our certified arborist to your property to assess a tree's health. Then, we let you know what needs to be done and how much it will cost. That is all part of a complimentary consultation.

Our tree company is state licensed and fully insured to provide residential and commercial service. As a matter of fact, our arborist is also a co-owner of the company and has more than 14 years of experience in the business. Rely on him and the rest of our crew for all the tree services your property needs—from inspections to trimming to land clearing and emergency removal.

Tree Inspection in Marietta, GA

Tree Inspection Company with a Certified Arborist

People who are suffering from a deadly disease usually seek help from a specialist. So, too, should you seek out an arborist to provide you with advice and service concerning the health, beauty, and safety of trees on your property. Reach out to our tree inspection company for the expertise of our arborist. Our tree specialist possesses many years of experience working with trees—seeing to their health and ensuring that they pose no danger to people or property. He is involved in all aspects of our business, so expect to see him when you hire us for tree inspection service.

Tree Inspection Service with Free Arborist Consultation

Your trees on your property provide a beautiful ambiance for your home. You should only have them serviced by capable professionals. Our certified arborist leads our crew in providing any and all services to our customers. Before trimming or removing a tree, he inspects the tree for any health and safety concerns and looks over the property to see how it fits into the landscaping and if it poses a threat. He then gives you a recommendation and a quote before our crew starts cutting.

Hazardous Tree Assessment for Threat to People or Property

Request a hazardous tree assessment when you feel a tree on your property is a potential threat. Trees that are diseased and weak are more easily damaged by high winds and storms. Perhaps, one of your trees is suffering from root rot or other disease, is dying, or already dead. Or maybe a tree is growing too close to a house or garage, or is too near a power line or pole. In cases when trees may cause a great deal of damage to your property, it is wise to cut off damaged branches or even remove the entire tree. Call us to schedule a free consultation with our arborist.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection of trees that may pose a threat to your property. We serve customers in Marietta, Roswell, Kennesaw, Sandy Springs, and Buckhead, Georgia.